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Northern Exposure provides strength and conditioning programming concentrated on helping its members develop a fitness level that allows for functional movements performed at high intensity.


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Questions about CrossFit?  We are very excited you are here, and we would be happy to introduce you to CrossFit and explain its benefits. To get started, please click here.


Dr Jesse Foster and his children with mountains as backdrop.
Dr. Jesse J Foster

“As a practicing Chiropractor I know the value and importance of functional movement. CrossFit Northern Exposure has an exceptionally qualified team of coaches I trust to help keep pushing me forward in achieving my fitness and lifestyle goals. I have also been referring my patients to their team with great results! CFNX is a fun place to grow stronger and healthier!”

Jim and Joyce hiking, used for testimonical picture for Crossfit.
Jim & Joyce Wojciehowski

“Crossfit Northern Exposure has provided us with an amazingly supportive fitness family. The coaches are attentive and very obviously love encouraging good form and technique. The programming by Brent Tittle challenges yet is very scalable allowing elders such as we 64 year olds the opportunity to set achievable goals of improvement.”

Angela Marshall performing a backsquat, doing CrossFit in Anchorage, Alaska.
Angela Marshall

“Crossfit has changed my entire life! Not only has it made me physically stronger, but it has also helped me improve in so many other areas. The coaches and athletes at CFNX make working out fun and challenging. It’s a privilege to be a part of this amazing community!”

Carol Laurion and her husband at Everest base camp.
Carol Laurion

“Years ago Carol and I had a goal to Climb Mt. Everest.  We had nine months to get our plan in action.  “A goal is only a plan when it is put on the calendar” Carol chose CrossFit Northern exposure because we are only motivated by others.  A personal coach who cares and measures our results, along with a heavy dose of encouragement is the only thing that works, period! We then chose a day and time to complete our workouts and we started to work on preparing us for our trip with nutrition and recovery.  We have met new friends at CrossFit Northern Exposure who share our new found enthusiasm.  We also completed our first Turkey 20K Row the day before our trip to climb Mount Everest.”

James at CrossFit Northern Exposure in Anchorage, AK

“Before exploring Crossfit, I worked out before and during and after my 10 years in the Marine Corps using bodybuilding plans I read  magazines and on the internet, or listened to what a friend told me who used the same sources. I felt like I had a good handle on my fitness. I wanted to try Crossfit for years, just to change things up but honestly, I was scared. Coach Roy schooled me up on the 9 fundamental movements on a Saturday and I eased into it. There was a coach at every class telling me exactly and specifically how to do each exercise correctly. I had never experienced that; their coaches care about your health, not just how much you can bench. After a few months, my mood was better, energy through the roof, sleep improved and my overall life was better. Every couple years I take time off from the gym, but when I decide to start again each time, I can’t imagine going anywhere else. CFNX is always welcoming. They always stay in touch. They are always great to see again. CFNX is home.”