Roy Wollgast


Certs & Experience:

Words I live by:
There is more than one way to get the same result.

Reason I love CrossFit:
What I love about working out and CrossFit is constantly progressing. Even though I have been doing CrossFit for more than 6 years now I still constantly make progress.

My number 1 fitness goal:
My number one fitness goal is too snatch 300lbs one day.

What I love most about coaching:
Seeing the clients face when something clicks for the first time is what I love most about coaching.

Brent Tittle


Brent has been doing and coaching CrossFit for over 8 years. He played intercollegiate baseball at the United States Air Force Academy and currently flies the F-22 Raptor for the US Air Force Reserves. Brent participated in the 2010 CrossFit Games and the 2011 and 2012 Mid-Atlantic Regionals with a team from CrossFit Hampton Roads. He finished 4th place overall at the 2011 and 2012 “Beast of the East” held in Durham, CT and competed as an individual in the 2013 Asia CrossFit Regionals. He is also a member of CrossFit HQ Level 1 Staff.

    • CrossFit HQ L1 Training Staff
    • L3 Certified CrossFit Trainer
    • CrossFit Kids
    • CrossFit Olympic Lifting
    • CrossFit Coach’s Prep Course

Emily Laessle


Certs & Experience:
L3 Certified Trainer
CrossFit HQ, L1 Training Staff
CrossFit Kids
CrossFit Gymnastics
Adaptive and Inclusive Trainer
Working Against Gravity Nutrition Coach

My name is Emily and I am so excited to be a part of the CrossFit Northern Exposure family.

I have been active my entire life.  I swam competitively, and cheered in high school as well as college.  For a long time tumbling, stunting, and any sort of gymnastics movements were my go to fitness routine.  It wasn’t until I got married and had my second son that I realized I was no longer doing anything fitness related.  My self-esteem plummeted along with my fitness. Fast forward to June of 2012 where I walked into a CrossFit gym in Columbus GA. The first workout I did was “Nicole”.  Nicole is a 20 minute workout that includes a 400 meter run followed by max pullups.  I honestly was so excited for this workout and thought to myself, “I got this”.  Ha, boy was I humbled.  It was then and there that I knew CrossFit was going to forever be a part of my life.

I have seen first-hand how CrossFit has changed my life, and the life of my children. CrossFit has given me my confidence back but most importantly, it has given me the ability to change lives! Nothing compares to seeing athletes evolve and accomplish things they never thought was possible.

WAG Coach certification logo

Jentry McWhorter

Coach/Gym Manager

Certs & Experience

Hi All! My name is Jentry; I am originally from Texas, and have been into fitness my whole life. I grew up playing softball & participating in gymnastics and dance. In college, I studied modern dance at the University of North Texas. After graduating I found a passion for teaching dance to others and helping them improve themselves.

Fast forward to 2015, my husband and I had our first child. After having a baby I needed something to help me get back control of my body. That’s where CrossFit came into play. I heard of CrossFit before, done a couple WODs at a “gym” but never jumped in with both feet. As soon as I had my first class at CFNX I knew that this was for me. CrossFit helped me transform into who I wanted to be and built my confidence back up. I love how CrossFit is always challenging, pushing me each day to become a better version of myself. When I had the opportunity to start coaching CrossFit, I knew I had to take it.

What I love about coaching is that, again, I get to help others improve themselves, fall in love with it, and show them who they CAN be, just like someone did for me. I also hope that one day they would want to do the same of others.

Cory Grove with his child.  CrossFit coach in Anchorage Alaska.Cory Gove

CF Level 1 – 2017

I have always lead a physically active and demanding lifestyle. I played a variety of sports competitively beginning as a young kid. For years I did the 70’s style Bro session workouts. I started doing Crossfit in 2014. I fell in love with the variety of movements and the endless WODs. There are always moves to refine your technique on. Everyday is a different experience. The community is great to be a part of and you can be as competitive as you want to be. My favorite move is the Burpee, there is never an excuse for not having the ‘right’ equipment. Least favorite is running more than 40 yards.

I’ve been doing personal coaching for about 10 years. For me the best parts of coaching are watching people evolve and accomplish things they didn’t think possible, helping people reach their personal fitness goals, and seeing someone’s expression when they get their first muscle up or squat snatch or box jump. One of the highlights of my coaching was working with a woman in her 40s for two years while she lost over 150lbs.

Deborah Morales, CrossFit member and nutrition coachDeborah Morales

Nutrition Coach
Certification & Experience:
CrossFit Level 1
CrossFit Gymnastics
Precision Nutrition Level 1, Certificate in Exercise Nutrition
Precision Nutrition Level 2 (in progress)

Deborah was first introduced to CrossFit in 2013 and immediately fell in love with atmosphere! She has played volleyball competitively since she was 11 years old and continues to play in competitive leagues in Anchorage. She enjoys teaching others the skills of the game and has coached youth club for over 10 years.

At a young age, she has always had an interest in nutrition, but over the past few years she started studying what good quality nutrition really is and how it relates to body composition and athletic performance. She focuses and teaches on practicing daily habits to build skills for a healthier lifestyle.

Nutrition is the foundation of any effective fitness program. The combination of regular training and good nutrition will allow people to avoid chronic diseases and live longer and fuller lives! She is excited to help you achieve your fitness goals!

PN certified coach 1 and 2 logo, light blue color  logo for PYL Nutrition, short logo 

Bill Miller inside CrossFit Northern Exposure gym in Anchorage, AlaskaBill Miller

I came to Alaska with the military and like a lot of people I ended up staying when I got out.  I retired from a successful 36+ year career in law enforcement and now I have the time to devote to my passions which are grandkids, skiing, and- of course- coaching CrossFit.

Fitness wise I have always been active with anything outdoors and working out in various forms.  I was once a competitive powerlifter and I like competing in CrossFit competitions when I get the chance.

I started CrossFit around 2009 by learning off the internet and from a friend and trainer who just got his Level 1 certification.  As I learn and practice the CrossFit Prescription of forging “broad, general, and inclusive fitness” I appreciate the fact that it does great job of preparing people for the stage of life where general fitness is perhaps more critical in maintaining mobility and longevity.

CrossFit Certifications:
CF- L2
Masters- Two day Certificate
RowingErg Certificate
Weightlifting Certificate
Anatomy Certificate
Scaling Certificate
Spot the Flaw Certificate
Judges Course

USA Weightlifting Certifications:
USAW Level 2 Coach
LWC Referee
Safe Sport Trained

Zac Johnson

I started crossfit in 2008 while looking for a job right after college. After earning my CSCS certification (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) I was looking for a job in the fitness industry and found a possible job coaching crossfit. My interview for the job was Fran. I’ve been coaching crossfit ever since. My favorite aspect of crossfit is the ability to continue competing after stopping other organized sports and helping foster friendly competition in the gym.

Mark Roberts

I was first introduced to CrossFit in 2011 in Las Vegas. For the first couple years I was drawn to the community and the desire to “win” the workout. In 2013 I was invited to train with our coaches and Regional athletes and I became addicted to finding out what I was truly capable of as an athlete. I joined CFNX in fall of 2016 and have loved it since the first day. A few things to know about me. I hate running, I’ll rarely turn down an offer to squat, and I have an unhealthy love for the Assault Bike.

Nick Walters hiking in Alaska.

Nick Walters

Certs & Experience

I started CrossFit back in 2012 after I was done playing hockey competitively. At first, it was something to fill that competitive void while staying in shape. Seven years later it is the program I use to stay fit for all of the outdoor activities Alaska has to offer. After I was done playing hockey, I found my new passion for coaching. I received my CF-L1 in 2018 and have been coaching at CFNX since. I love the process of improvement and helping individuals push themselves to fulfill their goals.