What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program designed to develop and optimize physical competence in wide variety of fitness domains: Cardiovascular and Respiratory Endurance, Strength, Flexibility and Mobility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, and Accuracy. At CrossFit Northern Exposure we want to help you attain the level of fitness that works for you!

Is CrossFit Dangerous?

CrossFit isn’t inherently dangerous, but like any exercise program, it certainly can be dangerous. A quick Google search will provide many instances where people have had very negative experiences with CrossFit. Most of the time, this is likely due to a relatively low barrier to entry for opening a CrossFit gym.

Anyone can pay $1000 to complete a weekend L1 Certification and start a training facility. If they don’t have any additional background, there is a high potential for many problems to occur. Before joining a CrossFit affiliate, or any exercise facility, it is important to ensure your trainers and coaches are highly qualified and experienced in providing exercise programming. This is even more important if you just getting started or have potential risk factors* that need to be considered when starting a fitness program.

All of the coaches at CrossFit Northern Exposure hold multiple CrossFit Certifications, and have the years of knowledge and experience to provide programming that is unparalleled in safety and effectiveness.

* Risk factors might include obesity, chronic joint or muscle pain, hypertension, diabetes, etc.

What is a WOD?

A “WOD” is the “Workout of the Day”. Each WOD is a workout routine and specific set of movements known as the prescription (Rx). Every day we will post a WOD and hold classes where our members are taken through the workout. During the the “WOD” we will assist our members with modifications and skill development to ensure that they are able to complete the workout in a manner that is safe and effective for their current level of fitness. This means all of our WODs are scaleable for any fitness level.

For example, if you are currently unable to do a pull up, we will alter the WOD slightly with different movements that will help you develop in that area. This might involve using bands or rings to aid in the development of you back muscles. As you become stronger and more fit, you will progress to more difficult movements. Eventually you will have the ability to perform whatever is prescribed in the WOD.

Each “WOD” will be based on CrossFit principles and will incorporate constantly varied, high-intensity functional movements that will train your body to be adaptive to a wide variety of movements and activities. Each day the workout will test a different part of your functional strength and/or conditioning. CrossFit does not specialize, and the focus will be on developing your fitness level to be capable of handling anything that you might want to do.

Is CrossFit for me?

We believe CrossFit CAN be for anyone. Regardless of your fitness level or goals, we want to help you improve and develop to a level of fitness you are happy with. CrossFit has helped beginners, moms, kids, firefighters, elite athletes, and everyone in-between, achieve their fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, get stronger, or just improve your overall health and well-being, CrossFit Northern Exposure can help you get there.

Do I need to be in shape first?

Nope. Not at all. Every WOD is scalable and can be adjusted to your fitness level. In fact, we focus much of our programming on helping the average person get started with a fitness program that will allow them to progress to their goals. All of our programs will be modified to your needs, and as your fitness level improves, less scaling will be necessary. If you can move and are dedicated to improving yourself, you can do CrossFit!

Do I workout on my own or do I have a trainer?

CrossFit Northern Exposure is different from the average gym. You will always have access to a coach who will help you learn the movements and improve your skillset. Additionally, CrossFit is community based. You will be supported by staff and other members who all have an interest in seeing you succeed and achieve your goals. At CrossFit Northern exposure each session is led by a trained and certified coach who is dedicated to helping you grow and progress through the program. Training is typically done in group sessions where you workout and train in an environment that fosters a sense of community and support.

Why CrossFit and not a regular gym?

CrossFit is a very different from a traditional gym experience. With CrossFit, you will not be trudging into a gym alone and spending hours on a treadmill or throwing a few weights around. In our programs you will be taught how to constantly challenge yourself through highly varied, functional movements performed with a community of people who care about your progress. Each day will be a new challenge and you will always have the support of YOUR CrossFit community and trainers to help you reach your fullest potential.

Is CrossFit a cardio or weightlifting program?

CrossFit is a hybrid program that incorporates many different modes of training to help you develop your entire body and mind. Human fitness and performance is based on five basic components:

  • Body Composition
  • Muscular Strength
  • Muscular Endurance
  • Cardiovascular endurance
  • Flexibility

CrossFit is program that addresses each of these on a daily basis. Our WOD programming will address each of these components and will help you develop and improve in all of them. When you complete a WOD, you will have performed a variety of functional movements that, over time, will lead to a general improvement all aspects of fitness. After a few weeks at CrossFit Northern Exposure you will be training with many different types of movement, including weight training, Olympic weight lifting, gymnastics, kettlebells, rowing machines, running, body weight exercises, and much more. Added to this will be constant variability across the frequency, intensity, and time elements of the workout. This allows for full incorporation of the FITT Principle. The FITT principle is a set of guidelines that outline the key aspects of any training program. FITT is an acronym for Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type, each of which defines a fundamental aspect of a workout.

  • Frequency is how often you exercise. Will you workout three times a week, or four?
  • Intensity is how hard you exercise. Will you squat at 90% of your maximum lift, or at 75%. Will you train in your target heart rate zone, or will you train at maximal effort.
  • Time is how long you will exercise. Will you run on the treadmill for an hour, or will you do sprints for 20 minutes?
  • Type is what exercises you will do. Will you do hang cleans, squats, and a rowing session, or will you do a kettle bell routine, bench press, and rope climbs.

These aspects of your workout will be incorporated into the WOD, and will be scaled to fit in with your fitness level and goals.

How long is the average CrossFit workout?

Sessions lengths will vary on any given day, however, workouts are usually completed in approximately an hour. Typical sessions will include a warm up component, a skill development component, a strength component, and a METCON of some kind.

What is a METCON?

The term METCON stands for Metabolic Conditioning, and is a common component of the CrossFit program. During this part of the WOD, you will typically perform a set of movements at a high intensity, either for time or a specific number of reps. Check out our Glossary to learn more terminology that you will likely hear while working out at CrossFit Northern Exposure.

For more information on CrossFit terms and exercises, check out our Glossary page.


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